As women we are all born leaders: Ramita Chaudhuri

Women are equal partners and we just need to believe and act accordingly, writes Ramita Chaudhuri, Chief Marketer, Mahou India.


International Women’s Day or otherwise, I am often asked this question – ‘how does it feel like to work in an industry which is primarily male-dominated? Do you feel that there is a glass ceiling? How do you overcome it?’ Well, the industry might be male-dominated and largely so is our society, but it is in us - women’s belief system - that can bring about a change. Gone are the days, when women (like me) would struggle to get a foothold at work, worked doubly hard to prove that they are equally worthy of promotion and recognition. The days will be soon gone when women’s capabilities and growth path at workplace will be stereotyped further. 

Having worked in different industries for more than two decades, I would say that things have definitely changed. Historically, there has been a dearth of women in leadership in various industries – in India or worldwide. It is great to see many women coming forward and excelling in their passions. Going forward, this needs to reflect in the boardroom as well as we need more women leaders to emerge.

With the ever-pervasive conversations around gender diversity and inclusion at the workplace, the question is how do we really implement it? I recently came across a survey which says that women are still not at a level playing field at the workplace. There is a need to strengthen mentoring programmes and eliminate unconscious gender bias at work. Living in a virtual world where the internet has changed the way the world not only communicates but how it operates, can we create a virtual mentoring platform to empower young women? Where women leaders can mentor younger, aspiring women at the beginning or mid-stage of their careers! Where women could learn from and mentor other women - enabling them to become leaders of tomorrow. I think it would be a game-changer. 

To answer the question of whether there is a glass ceiling at work or not, well I don’t think there is. There is nothing called a man’s job versus a woman’s job. Women are equal partners and we just need to believe and act accordingly. We are in the 21st century and I hope in the times to come, there are more women who inspire other women to come forward and take charge to create women leaders of tomorrow. As women, we are all born leaders & it is important that we take charge of not only our careers but lives in general. Never, give up! Dream bigger, be true to yourself and most importantly believe you CAN. And you WILL

With this wish in my mind, I wish all wonderful, empowered women out there a very Happy International Women’s Day! May our tribe grow! 

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