Art Of Events: How PM Modi Turned A Routine G20 Meeting Into An Extraordinary Global Show

With 200 meetings in 58 cities, the government converted the summit into a people’s event which no previous G20 presidency has done


With India at the helm, the G20 Summit transformed into a celebration of diversity, a showcase of technological excellence, and the nation's dedication to promoting global collaborations. 

In a display of artistry and meticulous planning, India recently hosted the G20 leaders' summit. Turning a routine diplomatic gathering into an extraordinary showcase of culture, hospitality and innovation, the G20 Summit evolved as one of the biggest events India hosted in the last 40 years.

The G20 summit is a gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies and serves as a forum for addressing pressing global concerns. As per observers and experts, the government's conduct of the presidency was that they did something that no previous G20 presidency has done. 

Making It A People's Event

They made it a nationwide event, with 200 meetings in 58 cities with a huge amount of action, They converted the G20 into a sort of people G20. With public events, the university connects programmes, and civil societies, all these things were done under our presidency. That is in some ways both a credit to India for taking a message of G20 to the entire people

Explaining this makeover of G20 from a mundane to a power-packed show, Pramod Lunawat, Founder and CEO, Millennium Event and Marriageuana said, “Most G20 events over decades have just been city-centric. To the credit of our national leadership, they decided to make this a national event. India is a cultural cauldron and the moment the event travelled to over 25 states, it imbibed a spirit that the world may have never seen before. It became in itself a momentous event with programmes done across geographies, cultures, and arts, more like an event in multiple countries given the diversity of India. Over 1.5 billion people made it a matter of their national pride and the event fraternity delivered world-class experiences.”

Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

During the G20 summit in New Delhi, several iconic hotels went above and beyond to ensure the comfort and well-being of visiting dignitaries. Shangri-La, Eros, New Delhi welcomed UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak with a lotus-shaped centerpiece and Valrhona Guanaja chocolate tree. Hyatt Regency Delhi hosted Italian PM Giorgia Meloni with traditional ceremonies and offerings. Pullman New Delhi, Aerocity, took care of Argentina's President Alberto Angel Fernandez's dietary preferences. 

Le Meridien New Delhi greeted delegates with traditional welcomes, and the Taj Mahal New Delhi served an elaborate breakfast to the UAE delegation. The Leela Palace New Delhi offered sugar-free chocolate bars and Middle Eastern dishes to the Saudi Arabian delegation. The Claridges New Delhi provided special amenities for French President Emmanuel Macron, including caviar, champagne, and French delicacies, symbolizing India's commitment to hospitality and diplomacy.

PM Modi-The Biggest Event Planner

Commenting on the grand summit, Kaival Patel, Director, Absolute Events stated, “India is known for its vibrant culture, and it often incorporates this cultural richness into events by hosting its guests with the best hospitality, It’s very diverse F&B options, its unique and handcrafted gifting, etc. I strongly believe that the biggest event planner in the country is our Hon. Prime Minister, he always likes to showcase the best of the country to the world, and his tech-savvy approach to events ensures that the latest audiovisual technologies are used to enhance the experience for delegates and participants. From holographic presentations to immersive virtual reality experiences, India leveraged cutting-edge technology to make the event extraordinary.”

Beyond traditional elements, India's technological prowess was also showcased. The summit made extensive use of cutting-edge technology, from state-of-the-art security systems to immersive virtual presentations. India's IT sector played a crucial role in ensuring the event's smooth operation.

In addition to the cultural and technological aspects, India's commitment to sustainability was evident throughout the summit. Eco-friendly practices, such as the use of biodegradable materials and energy-efficient technologies, were integrated into the event's organization.

Chetan Vohra, Managing Director, Line Communications & Weddingline, shared his views, “India has developed events as a unique platform of communication. Events are no longer just entertainment but now an immersive experience into all things India, be it culinary, art, culture, or the diverse landscape. The G20 summit was an exceptional showcase of India in its true form - the emergent superpower it is.”

The summit's success was not just limited to its execution but also its outcome. Leaders engaged in productive discussions on various global challenges, from climate change to economic cooperation. 

As the G20 leaders departed, they left with not only a renewed commitment to global cooperation but also a deep appreciation for India's ability to seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. The event served as a reminder of India's standing as a global leader in diplomacy and event management.

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