Arjun Rathi Design & Rural Modern Glass Studio Unveils Christmas Collection

The ‘Snowman’, ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Caged Christmas Tree’ are part of the Christmas Collection


Mumbai based Arjun Rathi, Principal at Arjun Rathi Design, Co-founder, Rural Modern Glass Studio & Design Democracy, unveiled holiday decor curated for this Christmas season.

Snowman: The blown glass snowman is a creation crafted using sculpting and bit work techniques. Its white powder exterior makes up the snowman's form, with details like buttons and nose fashioned through bit work. The crafted hat was achieved through torch working.

Christmas Tree: Crafted through torch working, this piece is a solid glass Christmas tree shaped like a torch flame. The artist manipulated the material with precision and formed branches.

Caged Christmas Tree: Creating a solid glass Christmas tree employs the cage technique, where glass strips are pulled to form a delicate cage. The artist sculpts the tree shape by weaving and manipulating the glass.

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