An Anchor Has To Evolve With Every Situation: Anupam Anand

Anupam reveals that he looks forward to having his own virtual entertainment show on social media in months to come.


Having developed fond belongingness to stage and audience since the very childhood, Anupam Anand who hails from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand has been the part of Mumbai & Bangalore event industry for over five years now.  Since his college days he started hosting paid shows in Bangalore and at the age of 18 he won the Bokaro Idol title, in a singing talent hunt. It must be mentioned that he is a civil engineer but his passion always lied in anchoring and that's where he got his famous catchphrase from which goes like, "Unfortunately a Civil Engineer but fortunately and passionately an anchor."

Anupam has proudly given his voice and skills for names like, Times, Himalaya, Business World, ACKO Insurance, Radio Mirchi, Prestige. He caters mostly to the corporate market and specializes in award shows, concerts, conferences, team building activities, virtual shows.  Anupam is a fitness freak and always towards the end of his every show he makes everyone pledge for living a healthy life and encourages fitness.

In a chat with Everything Experiential, Anupam spoke about his recent events, how he is managing these challenging times, future plans and more.


How have the past months of the pandemic been for you? 

The past one year has been a downhill in terms of money making but not in terms of opportunities. And I believe that's for everyone so always look for the brighter side and patience is the key. 

With everything happening online, the live events industry went through a big transformation as well. How did you adapt to this change? 

Indeed there was a huge impact due to the pandemic. Now we have no audience but green screens and cameras. So its altogether a different experience but thanks to technology we can also create a very warm and energetic environment through virtual events. And that's what I as an Anchor/EMCEE focus on, "to bring the best, even in the worst situation". 

Take us through some of your recent events?

Well, I've been very fortunate with respect to live events and virtual events, both. I did couple of prestigious shows like Times Business Awards in Mangalore, Gamezy team building Activities in Goa, a few weddings, MuscleMania India 2020 and promotional activities at Phoenix Marketcity.  Also, I got an opportunity to be a part of reality show, "Dating Aaj Kal" hosted by Karan Kundra on the streaming platform of Flipkart Video. And of course, virtual events were also going on during the pandemic and I was fortunate enough to work with Business World, ACKO, Achronix, KPMG, Bicon, etc. Hence past recent few months have been handsomely busy. 

Has the online transition made your job easy? Tell us some of the positives of hosting events online? 

The job was never easy and moreover now we put extra efforts with our expressions and presence to keep the audience proactive. As an anchor or emcee, one has to evolve with every situation. Now this is the brighter side I was talking about, it's time to learn new things and evolve as a better presenter in front of the camera.

Tell us some of the challenges that you have faced while hosting virtual events. 

Apart from the technical glitches, the liveliness of the crowd was missing but I was very glad to see happy and safe people through virtual medium. 

How is the rest of 2021 looking & what are you looking forward to?

First I would wish for the whole world to recover from this pandemic as soon as possible "Kyunki Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai". And as per my plans for 2021, would be to make my own virtual entertainment show on my social media. Undoubtedly, grow more as an emcee. And if I'm not being greedy, few more reality shows.

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