Afrojack To Headline OnePlus AI Music Festival

The festival will be held at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru on 17 December 2023


OnePlus unveils the OnePlus AI Music Festival, slated for 17 December 2023, this community-focused event will be held at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru, India.

Grammy Award-winning producer and multi-platinum-selling electronic dance music artist, Afrojack will be headlining the show, along with other names across the dance and electronic genres. Tickets can be booked on Paytm Insider for preferred zones.

Speaking on the festival, Ishita Grover, Head of Marketing OnePlus India said, "Our dedication to engaging with our community drives us to innovate continuously. The OnePlus AI Music Festival embodies this commitment by providing an immersive platform for our vibrant community. It serves as a unique space beyond music, fostering collaboration and creativity. This represents our dedication to providing dynamic experiences that transcend boundaries—a testament to OnePlus' unwavering commitment to its community."

At the heart of the event lies the 'OnePlus AI Music Studio' initiative, enabling enthusiasts to step into the realm of composers, blending genres using AI technologies. Moreover, the OnePlus AI Music Festival offers a pre-event leg, enabling users to utilise the AI-driven tool to create original music. Additionally, the best compositions will be sampled by global artists, live at the event.

Through this festival, the brand aims to amplify the voices of its community members and dance to some of the most electrifying artists of 2023, all whilst celebrating 10 years of OnePlus.

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