ACT Fibernet Introduces Free Speed Upgrades For Diwali

Customers will get a free speed upgrade from 10 November to 30 November


ACT Fibernet introduced an offer that promises to enhance the connectivity experience. The internet provider will offer customers free speed upgrades this Diwali season.

The company has stated that its subscribers will get automatic speed upgrades for 20 days from 10 November to 30 November. New ACT Fibernet users (onboarded after 3rd Nov) can leverage this offer by tapping on the banner on the ACT Fibernet mobile app.

The Speed Boost upgrades are as follows:

● Customers with plan speeds less than 100 Mbps will get upgraded to 100 Mbps.

● Customers with speeds ranging from 100 to 299 Mbps will get an upgrade to 300 Mbps.

● Customers experiencing speeds between 300 to 499 Mbps will witness an upgrade to 500 Mbps.

Ravi Karthik, Chief Marketing Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies said, “At ACT Fibernet, we always deliver exceptional value with the underlying philosophy of great experience and empowerment to our customers. This Diwali, we are empowering our existing customers with free speed upgrades at no extra cost enabling our customers to stay home, stream more online and have hassle-free unlimited and seamless digital experience."

India is experiencing unprecedented progress in digital connectivity. As home to the second largest internet user base in the world, the country is consistently witnessing large-scale digital innovation, with startups and businesses from around the world setting up operations in India. The Internet is not just a convenience but a necessity for millions of Indians.

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