ACKO Announces ACKO Drive Awards To Recognise The Best In The Automobile Industry

The categories at the awards cover cars, bikes, scooters, communication, and technology


To recognise the best products and people in the automotive industry, ACKO Tech, announced the launch of ACKO Drive Awards – 'The One That Matters' (#TOTM). The awards aim to set new benchmarks to create transparent, credible, and relevant recognition of the industry’s efforts in the past year.

Unlike most awards in this genre, the emphasis will be on the end user - the consumer, who expects a fair assessment of products. The awards will honour the vehicles and work done across categories - that remains deeply relevant to the consumer. The categories at the awards cover cars, bikes, scooters, communication, and technology.

ACKO already has a keen insight into what consumers look for - be it sheer value or judicious use of their time, by having a finger on the pulse of what matters to them. It was natural to then also elevate the experience automobile awards offer this consumer, through the setting up of ACKO Tech’s new content division, which is storming the scene with the automobile genre as its first initiative.
To ensure fair evaluation, ACKO will rely on the expertise of separate sets of well-rounded and knowledgeable jurors who are leaders and experts in their respective fields - and each brings a different perspective to the process. The jurors will evaluate entries based on innovation, quality, technology, reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction. The #TOTM will be conferred upon winners after evaluating the entries by all jury panels.

In addition to the expert evaluations by the jury members, the ACKO Drive Awards also includes   Viewers' Choice Awards categories, where viewers can vote for their favourite vehicle and tech. This provides an opportunity for our audience to have their say and award their most loved products. 

Moreover, voters in the Viewers' Choice Awards categories stand a chance to win a car, bike, and other prizes, which adds to the excitement and engagement of the event.

During the launch, Siddharth Vinayak Patankar, Chief Creative Officer at ACKO Tech said, "With the ACKO Drive Awards, we aim to provide an authentic and unbiased representation of what people value the most in the automotive industry. These awards will recognise the endeavours of the industry that are most significant to people. We aim to create a lasting legacy for 'The One That Matters', and encourage the automotive industry to innovate continuously and receive recognition for their work.

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