A&M STUDIO wraps up its fifth digital charity event – The Freedom Festival

The Freedom Festival- “Freedom in everything and nothing less” took place from 8th August to 22nd August 2020 with 100 plus performances across 6 countries.


The 15 day Freedom Festival was a cracker of a show from start to finish. Artists from over 6 countries performed at the digital charity concert and expressed in their own way, their concept and value of freedom. Many emotional, exciting and exhilarating moments with people around the world mesmerised with the phenomenally talented artists. 

The Objective of Freedom Festival was to spread the message of True Freedom and how the real value of being free can only be understood by those who have earned it or have made sacrifices for it. Through our music, we want to show the world, what it means to be free and bring about a change, that will give us the Freedom To Be Ourselves no matter what! 'The Freedom Festival' is a way of Celebrating Freedom with respect and dignity over a two week+ long digital concert performed by a repertoire of highly talented artists from A&M Studio.” 

During the 15 day mega digital festival of freedom, every performer expressed their meaning of freedom – freedom from judgement, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom from negativity, freedom from labels, freedom of choice, freedom from everything that’s unfair. 

Speaking on the Freedom Festival, Founder & CEO of A&M Studio, Manpreet Singh Kochar said, “This one was the biggest out of our 5 digital concerts. We are proud to have spread our footprint across 6 major countries and thereby reached across to a wide range of audiences. This concert had over 100 performances. Overall, our 5 concerts had over 300 artists, over 1000 hours of entertainment, 6 countries and 45 days of entertainment. I think we not only achieved a significant amount of visibility, but also entertained the audiences across the countries during these tough times and also raised money for our charity partner. I thank all the phenomenal artists who participated and our partners who stood with us steadfastly all through.” 

On the occasion of the completion of the 5th and biggest digital concert, Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor in Chief, Businessworld and Exchange4media Group, “We are delighted to have partnered with A&M Studio for this huge concert which showcased such good talent across the world. My kudos to A&M Studio, to have achieved this mammoth concert seamlessly and more so for a charitable cause. I wish them the best and we look forward to continued partnership.” 

The Freedom Festival showcased 100 Plus performances and displayed the following talented artists showcased by A&M Studio. This was also the inauguration of the A&M Studio Germany talent pool and the appointment of Rucha Joshi as Country Head – Germany operations. 

From Canada - Milan Verma Wadhawan, Disha Patel, Kanav Malhotra, Jay Sulanki, Sunny Dudeja, Sunny Dudeja, Kruti Thaker, Akshay Sharma, Glory Guliani, Mansi Pandya, Amol Mahadik, Tripti Avasthi 

From USA - Azim Khan, Vidya Dave, Manmeet Kaur , Pallavi Belwariar, Sheena Dwivedi, Parwaz Ekram Sanjeeta Shrivastava, Kaushal Sampat, Avni Singh, Aisha Zeeshan Usmani 

From UAE - Shail Phatarpekar, Ankita Jha kochar , Jayanthi Suresh , Nilanjana Deb , Bassam From Germany - Rashmi Barve, Zaie Kale, Milind Patwardan 

From UK - Meena Trivedi 

From India - Annu Choudhury, Aishwarya C, Ashwin Giri, Anwar Ali, Krishnakali Saha, Anushree Kamath, Mausami Mishra, Hemant pawar, Yashraj Gandharv, Nishtha Kukreti, Ankita kukshal, Gurinder Singh, Arpita Mukherjee, Pallak Ranka, Namrata Das, Vivek khatik, Sehnaaz Foga, Susmita Datta, Sandipa Dutta, Sri Vivaan Iyer, Shahzad Ali, Pratham Joshi, Gautam Karandikar, Rajasthani Folk Music Group, Pranali Chheda, Alaap Sikander, Sarang Sikander, Santosh Rawal Bharadwaj, Irshad Ryan Basundhara A Banerjee, Shipra Sarkar, Puneet Ojha, Manisha Rao, Himanshu Khatri, Auxilia Sequeira, Ustaad Ghulam Abbas Khan, Jaydeep Behere, Vini Gora, Myaan Kashyap, Nishad Khambholja, Vineet Pandit, Khanak Joshi, Karanveer Singh, Madhuri Pandey, Zulfiqer Khan, Zeeshan Nizami, Munnawar Ali, Santosh Rawal Bhardwaj, Mohit A Jaitley, Aasha Sapera, Vishal Singh, Yousuf Khan Nizami, Sujata Singh, Sasawati Talukdar, Qawali Group, Rishabh Giri, Bhrigu Parashar, Nalin Swamy, Indu Sapera, Isha Nandi, Mukesh Kumar 

THE FORMAT: DATE: 8th August TO 22nd August 2020 


RELAYED LIVE : A&M Studio Facebook page. 

 Over 100 SINGERS from all across the World – India, UAE, Canada and USA & Europe 

 The Digital concert was aired from A&M Studio Facebook page & You Tube Channel and relayed from Child Help Foundation page and other partner facebook pages. 

 15 Days of music  5 Singers per day performing on the same genre. 

 The genres ranged from Hindustani Classical, Rajasthani Folk, Ghazals, Sufi, Qawali, Bengali, Carnatic, English, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood – contemporary / retro / classics & International music.  Each artist performing live for 60 mins minimum. 

 The Concert was anchored by – Celebrity Anchors –Joe Baath and Bhavana Bhatia. The Canada leg was hosted by Srijeet Choudhari. They are renowned Anchors for entertainment and business shows. 

 The show reached over 12 Lakh audiences around the world 

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