5 ways Twitter can amplify your event promotion


When it comes to marketing events using Twitter, planners go all out to experiment with this medium of engagement. As digital proliferation increases, Twitter is becoming a great addition to the event marketing mix in a big way. Here are top tips to get the best out of an upcoming event and ensure brand amplification.

Harness Twitter’s power of a social medium:Twitter, at its core is a social media.This means that it requires more than a constant stream of updates like: “Registration is now open”.Using this medium to ensure a dialogue and encourage responses from the audience will be a winning strategy.

Co-create content with key personalities: Another form of engagement can involve the active participation of key personalities speaking or performing at the event. Once a status is posted about the presence of a speaker or performer, that dignitary can follow-up with a Tweet of a one-liner or conversation starter. This makes the engagement more personalised.

Building up the engagement: Before the event too, Twitter can prove to be a great tool for grab eyeballs. Running promotions and contests to include free passes giveaways as prizes, will generate more interest in the event. Another strategy can also be to post updates about the setting up stage, and even  posting photos of that. This can bring about a more personalised touch with the audience following updates of the event.

Live engagement:Including Twitter in the live event experience is the biggest engagement strategy. Creating a hashtag for the event exclusively and mentioning repeatedly about it live, can create more amplification of the event. Re-tweeting interesting posts by audience, and thanking them for their Twitter mentions also builds greater engagement. Also, including a live Twitter stream on screen, post censoring, is one of the most brilliant ways of using Twitter. In fact, speakers and performers can also be encouraged to react live to these Tweets.

Post event engagement:By saving the hashtag, one can download an archive of the tweets using special applications after the event. This will allow for the instant details of the event to be an ongoing conversation post event as well. Besides, this will be a great tool to share with sponsors to showcase how many times their brand was mentioned via Twitter.

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