5 quick styling tips for Zoom Meetings: Dia Dewoolkar

What you wear on a zoom meet should help you look good, feel good and create a perception you desire writes Dia Dewoolkar.


Now that our professional lives are switched from face-to-face meetings to Zoom meetings, creating impeccable impressions requires a new perspective.

What if you want to stand out in a zoom meeting with 10 other people?

Dressing up for a Zoom meeting is an awkward and bewildering job, but dressing professional for a zoom meet is as important as to be dressed for a meeting in person. The way you dress signals others what you are all set for.

Let me drive forward the five quick styling tips for zoom meetings:

Dress a level down: The idea of a zoom wear is simple, wear something that makes you feel better, flatters everyone and works in all situations keeping your roles and responsibilities intact. Dressing a level down means to dress in business casuals or to reduce a layer from your regular office attire to be perceived as an approachable, relaxed, influential and consistent individual. Men at the top level of management can wear a sport coat instead of a structured blazer and women can choose a printed scarf or a cardigan. Men at middle level of management can wear a cardigan on top and women can add a statement neckpiece, this adds a pinch of authority. First-level management men should choose a button-up shirt, a turtleneck or a polo shirt and women can choose a turtleneck or blouse shirts.

Use colour psychology: Colours have psychological effects on others. Wearing bright colours can trigger emotions like optimism, confidence, creativity, trust, growth, balance and excitement. Colour is one of the most powerful method to connect, so stick to bright solids colours like blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow and black for top wear if you are in front of a light blank wall. You can choose fresh pastels and neutrals if you are sitting in front of deep-coloured wall. Avoid dull hues as the zoom lens may wash you down. Colour contrast is fine between a top wear and statement neckpiece but refrain yourself from wearing busy printed top wear in plaid, stripes, flowers, polkas etc. A printed scarf from the same colour family as the top would be an exception.

Exercise your power with monochrome dressing: If you are at the top level of management then the focus of the meeting has to be you and monochrome dressing is the key to exercise that power. Wear separates in any one colour or wear separates in different shades of a single colour. Both the variants will help create a tonal and harmonious look. Wearing only black, white and grey for monochrome dressing is a misconception. If you wish to show that you hold an important position in business, politics etc. go monochrome with your choice of colours.

Stay well groomed and keep accessories minimalist: Your hairstyle should be neat, tied up and off your face. Make sure your nails are well manicured, no nail colour is okay. Make-up is not necessary but looking fresh is a part of your look. If you think your face looks washed out on the camera, highlight your cheeks with a cream or a powder. Define and darken your brows if you have a serious meeting scheduled. A tinted balm, blush and mascara are enough to enhance your features on camera.

Authenticity has higher impact: Remember the focus should remain on your face. A zoom meet is not a time for low or slipping necklines. Minimum sleeves are still genuine then no sleeves at all to keep the attention on your face. Avoid satiny, shiny sequence, embellishments or sheer top wear as it draws unnecessary attention to the body. No one's going to see your lower half, of course, but it's still a good idea to put on a real pair of neutral colour pants to feel confident and focused into a meeting, an elastic waist linen trousers or some dark coloured track pants are a good option too. It is okay to wear same pair of tops more than once in a week but just make sure they are clean and wrinkle free.

What you wear on a zoom meet should help you look good, feel good and create a perception you desire.

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