5 innovative ideas to add color to a charity event


Over the last decade, the world is observed to be more aware about charitable causes and issues that affect society as a whole. As a result, one can see a large number of charitable events and fundraising galas being organized on a regular basis. However, most charities, especially the ones that are just starting out, don’t have the budget to hire a party planning expert or have really smaller budgets even if they do.

As a result, a charitable event which should ideally inspire and motivate people to help others ends up becoming a dud which over a period of time people start avoiding with the fear of it being too boring. But, there are always some interesting and innovative ways how you can turn things around. This time at EE, we share with you 5 innovative ideas to add color to a charity event.

1-Give it a theme

Just because it is charity does not mean it has to be sad. One can do so much to spice up boring events even with smaller budgets but one needs to start that process by giving a proper theme to the event overall. With a theme in place an invitee is stimulated to put some effort into preparing himself before the event which is so much better than non-excitement to show up.

As far as ideas for themes are concerned, through the theme of the charitable event one can give its attendees an idea of the cause that they are supporting. As an example- Belfast ByteNight which raises money for homeless kids in UK provides to its guests warm food, a cardboard box and plastic sheet to lie on to give them an idea of what homeless kids feel as a result, their annual event raises a bundle every year for the cause.

2-Add adventure

Everyone loves adventure and in fact people sometimes are also willing to pay extravagant sums of money to just get that adrenaline rush. So why not do an adventurous event for your next fund raiser rather than just organizing a simple dinner gala. One can take all its invitee on an outdoor adventure experience and charge for high on action activities rather than asking people to actually donate the money in the name of charity. This is a charity event which can double up as a holiday for everyone and also raise money for a good cause.

3-Incorporate music and dance into it

isn’t it the most fun filled way to raise money for the needy? Music and Dance are two elements that are of everyone’s interest and helps people unwind from their routine schedules. The same can be used to liven up a charity event as well. Ever imagined hosting a dance marathon for charity? It is an interesting twist to the usual marathons that one sees or participates in.

Organizing a dance marathon is easy and its success is almost guaranteed. And if done correctly, this kickass idea is a sure shot to be a crowd pleaser.

4-Ask people to sell their skills

One of the main reasons why people eschew charity events is that if they want to do charity they can also support a cause online or by mailing a cheque. They feel it is unnecessary to go out for an event that talks about the same thing that they already know. However you can make a charity event interesting by asking invitees to sell their services or skills on a particular day for free of cost and not pay a single penny.

An organizer can get in touch with reputed doctors, serviceman, bakeries etc for a day. Give them stalls and organize a soiree where people can come in avail the services of specialists and the payments that they make against it goes to charity. Through this the money for a cause is rather earned in an engaging manner and not just given away out of petty.

5- Reverse Raffle

The concept of a reverse raffle is swiftly spreading across the globe but is yet to make its mark in India yet. In a reverse raffle all potential invitees and guests get a raffle ticket and sell it back for an amount of money to avoid getting their name drawn to do something embarrassing such as dancing to an old bollywood song, or doing a chicken dance etc.

This concept of a reverse raffle is a simpler and easier way to add unintentional humor and entertainment to a serious charity event. Always remember, the happier people are the more they will be willing to donate.

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