5 Millennial Wedding Trends You Will Get To Watch In 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has redefined the concept of wedding culture in the country, 5 post-pandemic millennial wedding trends to watch in 2022 to follow


The Covid-19 pandemic has redefined the concept of wedding culture in the country, making them more meaningful, personal, and about celebrating with loved ones. In the midst of these new-age weddings, here is a comprehensive list of 5 millennial wedding trends to watch in 2022. As we reach the third year of the coronavirus epidemic, the concept of a fairytale wedding has been redefined, despite the lifting of the lockdowns and travel restrictions. Couples are now opting for new-age wedding formats like eco-friendly sustainable weddings or hybrid/intimate weddings, given our recent brush with the uncertainties that have even gripped the wedding ecosystem, while a large portion is waiting for the Covid-19 wave to settle in to celebrate their wedding in the traditional big-fat Indian wedding format. Five post-pandemic millennial wedding trends to watch in upcoming years:

1. Weddings driven by technology

The rise of WedTech was at the heart of the Pandemic's revolution in the way Indians enjoy weddings and the process of wedding planning. Couples and families discovered that they could do everything online, from selecting wedding invites to finalizing Mehendi and shortlisting locations, all in one spot, thanks to WedTech, reducing the amount of time and work required in the preparation process. According to a study conducted in 2020, approximately 250K-300K couples in India were using the internet to discover wedding providers at the time. Now that the pandemic has entered the scene, the number has only grown. The year 2022 will be a watershed moment for the wedding technology sector.

2. Eco-friendly/ sustainability weddings

Given how unifying the pandemic has been, it's only natural that human kindness should take precedence in the wedding scene, and couples will select various eco-friendly and basic wedding options. Couples in their thirties and forties are driving the sustainability movement. They've grown more aware of their lifestyle choices, and they've encouraged their families and friends to do the same. Slowly but steadily, sustainability is transforming wedding trends. It's fueling demand for E- invites, seed paper invites, and bespoke wedding websites, for example, and providing couples the choice of reducing paper usage or reusing it sustainably.

3. Flexibility  

Contracts, policies, dates, and so much more are all flexible. Flexibility in dealing with clients and all stakeholders involved will rule the game as we prepare for a busy 2022. In terms of contracts, a more flexible and cancellable policy is what is reassuring clients to book today in good faith. Millennials are more aware of cancellation policies, are more likely to obtain insurance, and are putting more pressure on wedding venues to provide flexibility in terms of monetary return and cancellation in the event of another pandemic. 

4. Health and safety topmost priority 

The new normal is masks, sanitizers, and gloves. A novel way is to use a personal protection kit (face mask + sanitizers) and a single-person sofa. Sanitation, hygiene, social separation, and other government requirements will control the new normal. We'll think in terms of protocols more. The demand for venue suppliers and event organizers to fulfill cleanliness and safety standards." The interior design will be the same. The focus of planning will be on maintaining and enforcing stringent hygiene and social separation. Small management teams will be focused on certain tasks. Hotels and venues will play an important role in assuring that the greatest degree of sanitization, cleanliness, and protective measures are in place.

5. Intimate wedding is the new normal

Smaller gatherings with enough design on the tables, no food or dessert tables, and mobile bars will replace the bars. Working experience will be different as well. Smaller guest lists and a bigger emphasis on inviting only the most significant members of the community 'Multiweddings,' a new trend that we will see, will involve the couple inviting guests in shifts for multiple ceremonies. This opens up the possibility of a larger guest list. Weddings that are small and intimate. Couples are increasingly adopting the concept of 'Minimonies.' Instead of waiting, they're getting married alone with a few local loved ones watching from a safe social distance while additional guests join electronically.

Celebrations and timing have altered since the outbreak. The new normal for weddings in the country will be drastically different. Meanwhile, it's important to explore safer methods to conduct pleasant and safe festivities following the pandemic.

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