400K Domestic Passengers Took To The Skies Despite 30 Per Cent Rise In Flight Prices

TravClan unveiled a comprehensive report encapsulating the evolving trends and preferences among Indian travellers


Indian Travellers are traditionally known for their cost-conscious approach to travel, however, a new report by TravClan, offers new insight and breaks the general perception of India as a price-sensitive market. The report revealed that Indian travellers are now increasingly willing to pay a premium for enriching experiences. This shift is reflected in the fact that 50 per cent of hotel bookings were made for branded chains, and flight bookings surged despite a 30 per cent rise in flight prices. Quality experiences and comfort are now as important as affordability in the minds of the Indian traveller. Domestic air connectivity encourages travellers to cover longer distances for short vacations to locations such as Kerala and Kashmir.

Air travel remains the preferred choice for Indian travellers, with a staggering daily count of over 4,00,000 passengers taking to the skies. Notably, group travel has seen a remarkable 30 per cent surge in popularity this year. While cost considerations are undeniably significant, modern travellers and premium customers are increasingly valuing factors such as comfort and on-time travel.

This shift in priorities toward top-notch services and the reputation of airlines is actively reshaping the aviation industry. Furthermore, there's a discernible trend towards booking exclusive accommodations like entire villas, offering travellers a personalized and luxurious holiday experience. This highlights the growing appetite for experiential travel.

Even in the corporate sphere, there's a noticeable change with corporate clients now preferring to book stays at well-known hotels for their retreats and off-site meetings, marking a shift towards quality and reliability in business travel arrangements.

Interestingly, even the booking patterns have shifted as 60 per cent of international travellers are booking travellers flights well in advance while only 15 per cent of domestic travellers do the same, signifying the rise in spontaneous trips. The report also highlights how travellers are not merely exploring well-trodden paths but are actively seeking out lesser-known destinations. Customers are getting travel inspiration from various sources such as social media, recommendations from friends or colleagues, and marketing promotions from brands.

Destinations like Himachal Pradesh and Kerala account for nearly 25 per cent of all domestic tourism on the TravClan platform. Over 50 per cent of travellers are now seeking and inquiring about offbeat locations, aligning with the growing trend of experiential travel. Experiential travel trends have boosted the utilization of local travel agents who offer personalized experiences.

Travellers are investing more time in researching destinations before booking, increasing the time to book by up to 20 per cent. Travel package bookings have risen, indicating travellers’ preference for well-planned experiences along with completely planned itineraries. Travel agents are focusing more on learning and upskilling, with an average agent dedicating about 20 to 30 per cent of their time to learning about new destinations.

Chirag Agrawal, Co-founder of TravClan, added, “Government initiatives like UDAN and Dekho Apna Desh have greatly boosted domestic tourism. Improved air connectivity, spontaneous trip planning, and regional travel trends all point towards an optimistic future for the Indian travel industry. These trends offer immense opportunities for travel agents and the industry as a whole.”

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