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EEMA – Events and entertainment management association, which is the apex body for event professionals across the country, is all set to bring in the 2019 edition of EEMAGINE on 1st,2nd and 3rd August in Delhi.


The yearly convention organized by EEMA India is about to happen this year on the 1st,2nd and 3rd of August with Delhi being the host city. EEMA – Events and entertainment management association, which is the apex body for event professionals across the country, is all set to bring in the 2019 edition of this convention. The agenda includes workshops, panel discussions and experience sharing of the best minds in the business concluded with the EEMAX awards that have this year managed to accumulate a record breaking 700+ entries with categories covering various sectors and concepts of event management.

Here are a few reasons why I would urge every event professional to attend the convention.


The convention invites and attracts the top leaders of the space as well as VIP corporate and public personalities that share their views and experiences. This creates a one of its kind learning opportunity for professionals who plan to get into the space and even for those who wish to grow to the next level.


This is especially true if you are a vendor or a service provider. With unlimited access to digital data, your presence at the convention brings a certain advantage to your business. You can expect anywhere close to 500 event agency heads to be in attendance at the convention. Also since EEMA follows a transparent networking policy you would find most delegates freely exchanging cards and being open to interaction. This therefore makes EEMAGINE a great place to expand your business prospects.


EEMA was created not only with the idea of business prosperity but also with the belief of strengthening the event community overall. In order to do that it is imperative that we have access to maximum number of perspectives. If you feel you have a useful perspective on various aspects of the industry or a specific area you specialize in, this is the place where you can share and discuss it with the actual policy makers. If you are not sure of your perspective, EEMAGINE is where you can build one by listening processing and analyzing for yourself.

There may be many forms in which you have gained or profited from the event community, this is the one way in which you contribute back in it by bringing your unique experience to the table.


At the end how can a gathering of the top live entertainment professionals be complete without some dance and music? Like every year this year as well the entertainment committee has managed to rope in a renowned performer. It is the soulful and breathtaking performer KAILASH KHER live in concert.

Alongside will also be the EEMAX awards celebrating the best work done in the field during the year 2018, to fuel your passion to be on the same stage eventually.

So there they are, some of the reasons why EEMAGINE 2019 is a place to be for every event professional, event service provider, and event student. Register now by logging on to www.eemaindia.com

See you there. TO - INTEGRATE.INNOVATE.INSPIRE with the event fraternity.

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