3rd edition of Adidas #100DaysOfRunning registers 12,000 people

100 Days of Running is a fitness movement which started in 2015 to encourage people to make running a part of their lives and a way towards better fitness. In its 3rd edition of #100DaysOfRunning, 12,000 fitness enthusiasts have registered for 100 days of running. adidas Runners in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai has partnered with the event.


The movement started across cities on April 29, with 12,000 runners registering for the movement and almost 400 runners appeared at the adidas runners session to celebrate the fitness movement. Not to mention that the goal of the biggest running challenges is to cover a whopping 3,84,400 kms — that’s the distance between our home and the Moon!

About the organizers They are a bunch of enthusiastic runners. The event started in 2014 as an on-a-whim personal challenge to keep running during the hot summer months. It was a lot of fun, lot of learnings, and more importantly, improvements in performances at later events. So, in 2015 they decided to spread the energy, and make it a public event, where runners like us from all over India do this together. More the merrier, right? As a result, this event was born as a public platform in 2015. This is a free event, and the organizers intend to keep it that way. Runners are not expected to pay anything to register.

Sunil Gupta, BU Head, adidas Running India said, “As a part of the challenge, you are required to run 2 kms a day, for 100 days. And that’s it. There are no other rules. Run whenever, wherever but just be true to your goal. Our community program, adidas Runners is built on authentic athletes, who value the energy they derive from the sport to invest back into their lives. Almost all our community members have taken up #100daysofrunning challenge. It’s a commitment to oneself by doing at least 15 minutes of running every day.”

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