2020 - The GameChanger Year for the Live Events Industry: Kavea R Chavali

Adapting to the change and adopting an innovative yet a conscious method of executing an idea will be the way forward writes Kavea R Chavali.


Kavea R Chavali is an award-winning television and event anchor/presenter. Her electrifying enthusiasm coupled with experience makes her a natural choice for various national and international events and conferences.  Her affinity with the mike and camera, along with her natural charm and grace, make her a huge hit on the stage. Here is her outlook of the live events industry and its way forward:

Year 2020 is here and we are all more than charged up to make a difference. A difference to our lives through our work and to others through our voice.
That’s right. The power of a strong voice has manifested beyond a voice texture and modulation to hardcore content and heartfelt thoughts.

As an Anchor and Presenter myself being an avid observer of the changes in the industry these are some of my nuggets of perspectives on the events industry and its outlook for the year 2020.

Content creation will be the future-
It already is the present but it will be the single most differentiating factor be it in terms of choosing an Event agency, an Anchor or any team. Every stakeholder will be focussing on this aspect to come across innovative or avant garde.

Actionable Ideas 
Darwins theory of Survival of the fittest has seen a shift towards Survival of the ‘Fastest’ wherein an idea today is an obsolete point tomorrow. So the need to action that idea as fast as possible will be the need of the hour.

Videos & Podcast 
With Tik Tok invading our mobile phones and now the THUMBSTOPPERS by Facebook the medium to convey a brand message is definitely Video and this applies across all spheres of a Live Events industry. Creating a more engaging discussion via a video or even a podcast will attract more ideas and newer ways of showcasing work to the clients.

Rise of the Independent colony
Over the last few years the number of freelancers/independent working individuals has grown at such a stature and the live events industry has literally opened the floodgate of opportunities for so many individuals who enjoy working at a different pace altogether. This number is only about to grow as Gen Z will graduate from their respective courses coming forward with a unique risk-taking ability.

Technology and Green Management
Technologies like AR/VR will be more in use during the events process and this is much needed to adapt with times. At the same time people are becoming conscious of their choices and of nature so any wastage or overabuse of plastic at the events will come under a negative radar.

The usage of these quick observations is only about to get enhanced with the power of social media. Adapting to the change and adopting an innovative yet a conscious method of executing an idea will be the way forward.
So on one hand as the industry will be thriving towards a greater change, it will start coming under a unique lens of observation from people within and outside of the industry and as always there will not be any retakes to this.

So Prepare or Perish!

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