"Energy efficiency will lie in alternatives"- Roger Drego, MD, Electrocraft


For the last forty years I’ve been in the sound profession dealing in sound and lighting equipment rental through Electrocraft; but there has always been one field that has intrigued me and that is solar, wind and thermal energies. There have been various efforts globally and in India to use these energies whether it being in agriculture, housing, consumer products, although these energies are available, they have still not been tapped to their full potential.

So much so was my fascination in this field that as a preferred hobby I purchased solar cells from a radio shack in America 35 years ago and ran my  12v DC  exhaust fan directly from these panels. For almost a decade now, my house in Mumbai and my farm-house are both running on wind and solar energy which was expensive in those times but since then has dropped in prices considerably.

With growing concerns of India’s energy deficiency, it is my belief that having being blessed with abundant sunshine we have to kickstart this process of harnessing solar, wind and thermal energies. This will also make our country less dependent on costly fuels that are used to generate electricity with a disastrous effect on our environment. Since these energies are available all over, even in remote villages and towns, there can be plants distributed such that power need not be transmitted on expensive transmission lines which account for 30 percent loses of power.

If these plants are set up outside big cities, they will enable poor villages and towns to benefit with cheap electricity without causing harmful emissions to our environment.

Our new government has already taken a big initiative in the state of Gujarat and I hope the entire nation looks in this direction which will certainly change the way things are in the next decade for a green and bright future.

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