“Pidilite is a major protagonist of experiential since 50 years”, Anil Jayaraj, CMO, Pidilite


Adhesive and insulated tape are common in every household’s first-aid arsenal. But in an Indian household they go by the name of Fevicol or M-seal. No prizes for guessing their reach given the expansive base of advocates. Lets just say when you find yourself as the subject of a popular Bollywood song, you know ‘marketing’ should be the least of your worries.

Pidilite, launched in the year 1954 by Balvantray Kalyanji Parekh, has long since arrived as a term synonymous with ‘glue’. Staying true to its age-old approach towards experiential marketing, Pidilite has been reaching out and engaging carpenters and other major consumer segments instead of simply selling to dealers for over 50 years. In conversation with Anil Jayaraj, CMO, Pidilite, we understand how the company has embraced experiential over the years while Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing, talks about how they’ve helped facilitate Pidilite’s BTL endeavours.

EE: How does Pidilite perceive below-the-line marketing?

AJ: Our spends on below the line are almost comparable to above the line. In our case while we have the consumers, we also have a significant number of influences such as carpenters, masons, contractors, civil engineers, architects etc. And we feel it is impractical to engage them through mass-media purely from an efficiency point of view. Hence we have specific programs designed to target them because we have products that cater to each of these categories. We have this one program called Fevicol Champion’s Club which is a group of carpenters and contractors across the country who we engage through various activities and events. This ensures great recall value for a set of users who have a significant influence on our brand.

EE: How do you mobilize a diverse, fairly disorganized group of carpenters, masons etc. 

AJ: We’ve got a full organization of people within Pidilite whose job is to reach out and connect with these influences, explain about our products, the application etc. Instead of focussing on reading large brochures we concentrate more on demonstrative techniques. This is a pool of very talented individuals and we respect them immensely irrespective of their social lineage. It is also reverse mentorship for us where we learn a great deal from a set of primary users of our brand about changing trends, likes, dislikes and need for improvement within the product line.

EE: Besides such educational programs do you also conduct events to engage your consumers?

AJ: Not too many. We occasionally do but our main focus is to connect one-to-one, sometimes one-to-few but seldom one to many.

EE: You stated that BTL is a large part of your marketing spends. How do you gauge ROI?

AJ: We have a proprietary Marketing Return On Investment (MROI) model which does give us some indication. It might not be an exact science but clearly it is a very effective medium for us.

EE: According to you what is the future of BTL marketing in India?

AJ: I think we are at the cross-roads. I think the evolution of digital in the coming years will bring forward a fairly dramatic change. My view is that there isn't going to be a particular change in the way BTL is perceived but the nature of communication and the nature of engagement is definitely going to be redefined going forward.

Candid Marketing, India’s leading Strategic Brand Activation agency, has been associated with Pidilite since the past two and a half years, and in the process has developed and executed various activation programs keeping the distinct brand ethos in mind. Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing, shares some of the recent campaigns it has executed for Pidilite.

[caption id="attachment_3711" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing[/caption]


1. Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+, ‘Shaadi Ka Atoot Bandhan’

Shaadi Ka Atoot Bandhan is an innovative and distinctive activation campaign initiated to highlight the salient features of Dr Fixit LW+. The product is an advanced liquid waterproofing material used for concrete, mortar and plaster. The objective of this campaign was two-fold: to target one town at a time & get new dealerships & distributers; & engage with the end users & drive home the message that whenever one uses cement, Dr. Fixit LW+ must be added to it.

‘Marriage’ as an inseparable bond between cement & Dr. Fixit LW+ was designed as a core creative strategy for attaining the set objectives. The concept ensured that in times to come, consumers and trade took home the key objective of ‘whenever one thinks of cement, Dr. Fixit LW+ is a must combination’.

The Shaadi concept is an innovative way of communicating the product proposition and has worked very well for Dr. Fixit LW+. The pilot project in Kolhapur was very well received by the TG, and therefore we have taken it to over 68 cities through the year.

2. Fevikwik Fixpress Booths at bus stands

To bring out the USP of Pidilite’s Fevikwik & to generate recall for its new TVC, we created the Fevikwik Fixpress Booths at bus stands in Bangalore. The TG got a chance to get their broken things fixed for free & on-the-go at these booths using Fevikwik. To encourage them to do so, promoters initiated engagements & got their things fixed at the booths. Once fixed, the artists (Junior Hassi brothers from the TVC) started laughing to catch attention of passer-bys and this built recall for their TVC.

3. Fevicol Marine ‘Seedhi Baat Seedha Offer’ (an instant gratification program)

With an objective to push sales of the product, a month-long in-shop activation campaign was designed for dealers in Chennai. The dealers promoting the ‘Seedhi Baat Seedha Offer’ were incentivized for silver coins, based on sales recorded from their shops during the activation period. The contractors/ carpenters were given a scratch card that lead to on-spot gratification for buying minimum 5 kg Fevicol Marine.

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