‘Consumers love to touch and feel before buying’- Chandan Dang, CMO, Tupperware


You have leftovers from a hearty meal you relished and now that your guests are gone and the table has been cleared, you’re worried about it going bad. The solution is simple – to ‘Tupperware it’. Florida based player in food storage, Tupperware India has become a household name and is synonymous with food storage and containment in kitchens across the country. Chandan Deep Singh Dang, Chief Marketing Officer, Tupperware India, sheds light on the brand’s strategies to connect with its audience in an exclusive with EE.

“The important aspect for us as a company is to reach and connect with the Generation Y and create a buzz about the campaigns we carry out. Simultaneously, we want to underline and highlight our fantastic products,” Chandan says. Tupperware is no stranger to the bond that people share with their food and hence we recently executed the well-received ‘Care4Food’ campaign. The campaign was executed for a second year in a row to spread the message of food saving and promoting food storage habits.

“Over the years, Tupperware containers have become synonymous with keeping food fresh and safe, thus our Care4Food campaign is an extension of our brand’s primary usage. Basically, poor storage of whole fruits, vegetables or cooked foods leads to wastage of food and money. This waste can be prevented with the use of our Tupperware containers,” he adds.

The campaign was promoted mainly via social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube. The brand included a ‘Care4Food’ pledge that encouraged people to reduce food wastage. “We need to be more aware of how we take care of food in India,” Chandan says.

Tupperware is big on wanting to connect with their audience through experiential platforms. “Consumers love to touch and feel any product before buying it – especially Tupperware products which are so attractive and loaded with so many practical features and benefits. We consider it important to undertake on ground initiatives as they allow us to reach out to new consumers and connect with them face to face, both in bigger and smaller markets,” he shares.

In India, the kitchen is by and large the domain of the housewife and identifying this, Tupperware came up with a campaign to engage this target group. On the lines of Femina’s ‘Believe’ campaign, the brand carried out the ‘She Can, You Can’ campaign to reach out to the women in India.

With this initiative, Tupperware endeavored to create and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage women ‘More Towards Action’. The objective of the campaign, conceptualized by IBD Brands, was to urge women to come out and share their success stories, while inspiring their colleagues to seek greater goals for themselves.

The brand roped in Hina Shah, a homemaker, a classical dancer, an entrepreneur and the director of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), to be the face of the campaign. Tupperware executed an ad film directed by Shoojit Sircar, which featured Hina encouraging women to become achievers and be independent.

The campaign was armed with a website and a strong Facebook and YouTube presence. The women entrepreneurs who came forward to share their success stories were featured on the campaign’s YouTube channel which gathered over 64,000 views.

“Internet’s reach has grown exponentially in recent times. The effectiveness of social media in reaching out to large numbers and engaging with our target groups has become an added benefit. Social media has become a preferred platform for any marketing campaign and many companies have taken an avid interest in promoting their campaigns online,” says Chandan.

The brand invested heavily on social media marketing for their latest Care4Food campaign and promoted it on Facebook with hashtags like #Care4Food and #LeftoverMakeover. “Being on the internet helps us to be in touch with our customers 24*7, engaging them and better understanding their requirements, and creating brand loyalty, and also creating a Tupperware community that cares for food. We receive instant comments and feedbacks from our customers and we believe that our consumers are our real brand ambassadors,” he adds.

The brand recently introduced its new Tupperware Ultimo ‘Steam it’ for steaming solutions, keeping the health aspect in mind. The on-ground activations of the campaign was executed by DDB MudraMax and engaged over 180 corporate offices and parks across eight metros for the whole month of February. The campaign revolved around the idea of breaking office monotony by creating interesting and informative short breaks, educating office goers on steaming and other Tupperware products along with fun-games, also highlighting the opportunity for empowerment of women.

“Through products like ‘Ultimo Steam It’ and other products in our range, Tupperware is on a mission to educate people on the significance of eating light and healthy, staying fit, and steamed food is definitely a route towards a healthier life. We wanted to inspire people to minimize methods like deep frying and adopt steaming as a regular cooking process,” shares Chandan.

With its ‘Steam it’ range, the company claimed preparation of nutritious, delicious, light and low-calorie steamed recipes. The brand promises to keep experiential and social media in the forefront of their future campaigns. “This year our focus is on leveraging social media to meet our business objectives. Many more activities are being planned – watch this space for more exciting stuff!” says Chandan before signing off.

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