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Without women leaders the event industry is incomplete: Aarti Mattoo

Aarti Mattoo, Managing Director, Momentum Experiences & Events LLP spoke about election manifesto, women representation in EEMA elections and more.

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We need to have more women leaders in the event industry. Here’s why?

We spoke to some leading ladies of the industry who have been working tirelessly to support their teams during these testing times, here is what they had to say.

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Women Inspiring Network brings five leading women in the Business of Filmmaking with their stories on how they made it in Bollywood

Through this series, WIN hopes to unleash the power and energy among millions of women -- because these stories prove that whatever the hardships, women can thrive and WIN!

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Rashi Entertainment celebrates lockdown women warriors and the video is a must watch

The video carries the message that it is the women in the house who are helping us stay strong in these challenging times,

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Most Influential Women: She’s In Charge

When challenges in the sphere of work and education still haunt women, BW Businessworld brings to you stories of some women with spunk, who broke through the glass ceiling.

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Are you free falling off a cliffhanger: Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Group

The key to remember is that if you topple from the top, your fall will be hard – so make sure you either arrive with a stellar plan for success or a damn strong parachute writes Apurva Purohit.

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