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Ample elbowroom for event startups: The case of Gigstart & Eventjini

As per a study conducted by Everything Experiential the size of the experiential marketing industry in India is pegged at a whopping 6250 Cr. The report also indicates that spend in 2016 towards on-ground engagement is an estimated 13.6% of the total ad spend, compared to 11.9% towards digital. Besides being a testimony that marketers are increasingly turning their attention to delivering experiences from an erstwhile mass media approach, the numbers also urge one to stop and take notice of the overall thriving environment of the event and experiential marketing industry at the moment.

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Procam International acquires 26% stake in Eventjini

Sports Management Company and promoters of prestigious running events in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru, Procam International announces the acquisition of 26% stake in Eventjini, an online event Registration and ticketing Solution Company.

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