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Liwewire Experience manages ‘Technovation’, a customer conference for Nice Systems

The Livewire Experience planned and organized a two-day customer conference for Nice systems on 14th and 15th September at the Nice office in Hinjewadi Pune. The conference was attended by existing and prospective customers of Nice Systems from across India.

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10 husband-wife duos in events that have nailed the model

Running a business, especially one that is open round the clock, can often make you lose sight of a work-life balance. Next thing you know you are returning home to a scornful spouse feeling dejected because you have surfaced after five days on the job. A classic issue among event professionals. But some couples have got it figured out and cracked the model of working together whilst managing to not kill each other. Here are some glowing examples of husband-wife duos running some of the country's most successful event enterprises.

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The Livewire Experience managed ‘Bollywood Red Carpet’ themed annual celebration for NICE

The Livewire Experience managed the annual celebration for NICE Systems that took place on 5th June at J.W Marriott Pune, engaging 650 employees and the senior management of NICE.

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Livewire manages inauguration of Siemens' swanky new office space in Mumbai

The inauguration of Siemens newest office facility was managed by The Livewire Experience at their luxe and fully digital office space in Aditya Birla Towers The attendees of the inauguration event comprised of employees, board of Directors and the Global C-level delegates of Siemens Worldwide.

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6 leading event planners recommend 6 affordable entertainers

The country’s leading event planners recommend their preferred entertainment acts that have been consistently reliable and, most importantly, do not break the bank!

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Up-country event planners voice their biggest concerns

Impressive things are being done every day in the event sector, but with each scintillating experience the expectations of clients keep increasing and the bar keeps going higher. The event industry is widely presumed to be a magic community of artists, decorators, caterers and vendors, expected to deliver a dream-like experience with each occasion. But these expectations are a tall order. Event planners in the region speak of their biggest challenges.

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