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E&Y expert Ayush Moodgal clears key doubts about GST in events

An industry that’s built around consolidated efforts of event planners and event service providers, India’s event management community owns a market share of approximately 7000 crore, a sizeable number. Widely and consistently slammed for its disorganized nature the industry seems to have made reasonable progress over the past few years in this context, but is still far from home. To make matters critical the GST bill was passed last month, translating into more chaos for an already chaotic group. With little available information we reached out to Ayush Moodgal, Director - Taxation at Ernst & Young, to spell out the salient points of GST pertinent to the event industry.

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GST: Event community in the lurch?

With the capability of servicing 300 crore invoices in a month, the GST bill will immediately see 80 lac people migrating onto its network. But as the country tries to make sense of perhaps the most monumental development in taxation seen by post-independent India, the event industry braces itself for a possible storm that’s about to hit.

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