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Wellness sunrise party series ‘Magicrise’ gets Mumbaikars charged up

The fitness and wellness obsession takes a new roof top high! The wellness morning party – ‘Magicrise’ claims at taking the Mumbai morning party scenes to the skylines. Magicrise will make you feel healthy and energetic to start your day with enthusiasm at AER in Hotel Four Seasons on Sunday, 21st May, 7 am onwards.

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3rd edition of Adidas #100DaysOfRunning registers 12,000 people

100 Days of Running is a fitness movement which started in 2015 to encourage people to make running a part of their lives and a way towards better fitness. In its 3rd edition of #100DaysOfRunning, 12,000 fitness enthusiasts have registered for 100 days of running. adidas Runners in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai has partnered with the event.

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Satan's Paradise to host 2nd chapter of Sports Rehab Convention

Event and sports management company Satan’s Paradise will organize the second edition of 'Sports Rehab’ as part of the Indian Sports and Fitness Carnival scheduled to be held on January 18th 2017, 10 am onwards at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi.

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