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Uday Shankar appointed Senior Vice President of FICCI

Shankar, who joined FICCI as vice president in December 2018, helped transform the media and broadcast industry.

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FICCI launches ‘Future-X’ platform to focus on Industry 4.0 technologies

FICCI launched its new initiative ‘FICCI Future- X’ platform that aims to elucidate Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Sandip Somany takes over as President of FICCI for 2018-19

Somany will be working closely with Government and business leaders towards spearheading the country’s economic growth and promote inclusiveness.

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Legalizing sports betting in India may become a reality?

Legalizing betting will only benefit the general masses. Figures indicate the global sports betting market could be worth up to $4 trillion.

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FICCI Ladies partner Jet Airways GlobalLinker to celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Jet Airways GlobalLinker and FICCI Ladies Organisation organised Women’s Entrepreneurship Day programme in Delhi. For this year's celebration at the National Capital Region (NCR), India Ambassador, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and Co-founder, GlobalLinker, Summi Gambhir and Vasvi Bharat Ram, National President FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) have partnered to mark the day.

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