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Virtualisation of Events: Engaging, Immersive and Experiential: Vipul Solanki, NAEMD

The future of events is all set to shine bright with the immersive experiences waiting to unfold, writes Solanki.

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Rent Your Event - Reshaping the world of events in India, Dubai & Thailand

A platform that re-defines procurement for personal and professional events.

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The strength of arts is that it has an innate ability to adapt and respond to the world around it: Smriti Rajgarhia

In an interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Foundation & Serendipity Arts Festival spoke about the impact of the pandemic on arts festivals, changing brand collaborations and more.

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Events –The ultimate tool for marketers: Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome Entertainment

Events serve as an easy way for brand managers to enable their communication to break free of the clutter that plagues most other forms of marketing writes Mazhar Nadiadwala.

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5 strategies for marketing a successful event

Event marketers have a definitive start and endpoint which makes it easier to use resources of data and technology in quantifying success of an event.

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TripXOXO Offers Special Curated Experiential Activities For MICE Travellers

The top list of most preferred destinations for MICE in domestic travel is Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

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