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Unlock The 3K’s of Experiential Marketing Through Events -Dipti Shah Founder & Owner at White Salt Entertainments

It’s important to understand how you can leverage emotions, experiences, regularity and interaction for your business through Events writes Shah.

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Guest Column: Trends that drive the most successful corporate events

Ever wonder, what is the difference between the most successful corporate events that drives great business and the events that fail?

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Wedding wizards predict India's top 10 wedding trends of 2018

Indian weddings have come a long way over the past few years. With each wedding better than the last, the 'big' and 'fat' is making way for 'small' but 'intricate' and 'luxury' is metamorphosing into an entirely different meaning. Speaking of what's going to be trending this year, ahead we have five experts forecasting the top 10 wedding trends for 2018.

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