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Craft beer has a unique style and taste, which can only be enjoyed if poured right: Anuj Kushwah, Witlinger Beer

Craft Beer Brand Witlinger has launched its ‘Now Rolling’ initiative which is the first of its kind concept in India. Driven on enhancing consumer knowledge and generating awareness on beer drinking habits to create an authentic experience of crafted beers, the campaign aims to target beer lovers with an interesting awareness drive around the craft beer experience. In an exclusive interview with EE, Anuj Kushwah talks about Witlinger’s ‘Now Rolling’ campaign, the unique ‘Wit-parties’ and the placement of the brand in the Indian market. Excerpts from his interview.

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Our strategy is to collaborate with like minded companies- Ishaan Puri, White Rhino Brewing Co

The founder and director of Indian craft beer White Rhino Brewing Co, Ishaan Puri, has long had a passion for brewing. After conceiving the idea for White Rhino he realised that to make great beer he needed to learn about the brewing process himself. He interacted intensively with breweries across the world before building White Rhino brewery followed by a fully equipped packaging facility. Now available across exclusive outlets in the capital, White Rhino is set to mark its footprint in Goa, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru during the course of 2017. We chat with the young brewer to know more about his 'craft'.

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