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10 husband-wife duos in events that have nailed the model

Running a business, especially one that is open round the clock, can often make you lose sight of a work-life balance. Next thing you know you are returning home to a scornful spouse feeling dejected because you have surfaced after five days on the job. A classic issue among event professionals. But some couples have got it figured out and cracked the model of working together whilst managing to not kill each other. Here are some glowing examples of husband-wife duos running some of the country's most successful event enterprises.

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E-Factor, Laqshya, Aura, Showtime emerge toppers at EEMAX Awards '16

Learning gave way to anticipation as the 8th edition of the annual conclave hosted by EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) drew to a close and got in gear for the prestigious EEMAX Global Awards on 18th October 2016.

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