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The Role Of AR In New-age Marketing

Augmented reality makes a totally virtual world that clients associate with utilizing gadgets that disconnect them from this present reality.

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Some Endless Possibilities of Virtual Reality Events: Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations

With room for innovation and no cap on your creativity, the possibilities of what you can do and create with VR and Augmented Reality in the events space is endless writes Bhavnesh Sawhney.

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Experiential firm Blackworld Communications Studio launches tech arm Voxxeltek to provide AR & VR services

Blackworld Communications Studio, an events & experiential firm has set up Voxxeltek, a company with insights into cutting-edge, current and future tech.

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California based Float Hybrid creates interactive experience for LA Clippers fans

Endless runner games like Temple Run have permeated popular culture, and now they hit the big screen with the LA Clippers “Fast Break Challenge”. The game, created in partnership between the Clippers and Float Hybrid, uses skeletal tracking to allow fans to become the runner in a first-person game experience.

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Innovation: The fulcrum in every brand activation

A brand is no longer what the marketer introduces to the people, but what the customers tell each other. Therefore, the primary aim of the brand today is to engage its consumers in as many ways as possible. While print media may fleetingly interest the eyes, and audio-visual media may appeal to the ears, experiences work directly on the five senses and the secret ingredient behind every winning strategy is 'innovation'.

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