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6 things to keep in mind while choosing your wedding planner

Having a wedding planner has become a must to ensure you enjoy the most in your wedding festivities. Here is a check-list you’ll need to complete to ensure you hire the right person for the success of your big day.

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Tailor Made- India’s first truly ‘thinking design’ agency committed to creating unique, personable and hi-tech weddings and social creative events

In an interview with EE, Shashank Gupta, Founder and Director,Tailor Made spoke about Tailor Made's journey in India,how they are different from other wedding planners,role of technology in weddings and more.

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Putting the Ding! in Weddings: Aarti Mattoo, Momentum Group

Accredited with the title of ‘Mother of all Weddings of 2010’ and a perfectionist in planning weddings, Aarti Mattoo, Chairperson, Momentum Group with her versatility and competence has carved herself a niche as a wedding planner. In conversation with Everything Experiential, she speaks about her designs, layouts, ideas, and the depth of her clientele’s pockets.

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In the business of weddings? ICWF offers the crash-course you NEED

Indians love weddings. With a whopping 2 billion populace it’s sort of intuitive that they would. Speak to any average-Joe affluent Indian about his view on weddings and two things will become amply clear- getting married is as essential as maintaining ownership of his left kidney and the wedding day demands only the ultimate demonstration of his love, invariably by throwing an extravagant party for almost everyone he or his family has ever known, because in our country larger-than-life is widely interpreted as married-for-life. Now while some may defy in outrage, the hard facts remain. The business of weddings in India is a sizeable one.

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“Each wedding tells a unique story and we are here to help you tell yours” - Ankita Chugh, Director, Ankita Chugh Weddings

Being in the business of transforming fantasy and dreams into beautiful experiences, Ankita Chugh Weddings are known as a dream team that knits magic into events, making them an unforgettable affair. With a strong belief in an amalgamation of contemporary & traditional stories woven together in the most memorable formats, ACW has an expertise ranging from Royal weddings at exclusive destinations to trend setting themed weddings. In an exclusive conversation with BW Applause, Ms. Ankita Chugh, Director, Ankita Chugh Weddings shares her experiences as a wedding planner:

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