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Has COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of event daily wagers and vendors like never before?

While the entire events industry is going through a challenging phase, the plight of event daily wagers and vendors is so critical that it needs immediate attention.

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India's 10 event service providers who have stood the test of time

When the crowd cheers aloud for an encore, the stars pull off a great performance, and that sold-out show! The moment when all the lighters are lit to a favourite song resulting in an experience cherished a lifetime. There is a lot of effort that goes on behind making it all happen. The complete stage production consisting of design, visuals, lights, sound, stage and more is backed by industry vendors without whom the experience would be incomplete. To mark the 10th anniversary of the Event and Entertainment Management Association we have compiled a list of 10 event service providers who have stood the test of time.

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EEMA West's initiative 'Warehouse' puts spotlight on technical training and production detailing

The Warehouse series has been conceived by EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) towards fostering industry talent by providing insights and technical education that is relevant for event professionals. The initiative was conducted in various warehouses of vendor partners who have joined hands with EEMA to fulfil the vision of relevant learning. Over the next few months various technical aspects will be covered through this initiative.

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