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Music, yoga, heritage walks, meditation at 3rd 'Shree Cement The Sacred, Pushkar' by Teamwork Arts

“Shree Cement The Sacred, Pushkar” returns for the third edition of the festival from 16th-17th December 2017. Conceived by leading performing arts entertainment company, Teamwork Arts and supported by Shree Cement, the festival is a getaway that promises a rejuvenating experience in the timeless city of Pushkar with Sacred music performances, yoga workshops, guided meditation, curated heritage walks in the city and more.

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Teamwork Arts returns with Shree Cement The Sacred, a spiritual musical festival in Pushkar

Teamwork Arts, the entertainment company behind Jaipur Literature Festival, returns with the Shree Cement The Sacred, Pushkar- a festival offering a holistic and soulful experience. Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the oldest towns in India and so also in the world. For a second year running Shree Cement The Sacred, Pushkar thus celebrates this ancient and holy city located in the heart of colorful Rajasthan with a range of activities designed to invoke your `inner divine’.

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Day 1: Shree Cement The Sacred festival

When was the last time you took a pause in your life and thought about the sacred core in and around yourself? Well, if like me the answer to your question is 'No' too, then Shree Cement The Sacred Pushkar festival is truly the place for you to be at.

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