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I have tricks up my sleeve no one in the world has seen before- Illusionist Karan Singh

He might just be sitting next to you in your metro ride and could know your deepest darkest secrets. He elevates magic to a next level and calls it mind reading. Karan Singh, a mind reader, a hypnotist who has mixed traditional magic tricks with psychology and human behaviour has been mesmerising his audience since 2003, he believes that the days where stereotype attached to magic of cutting people in half and making scantily clad women disappear have now long gone. He belongs to a new era of magic which has more to do with mind tricks. In an exclusive interview EE he talks about his eccentric profession and life as a magician.

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15 questions with 'funny man' Cyrus Broacha

The man behind revolutionizing stand-up comedy in India, the original prankster, ‘the Bakra man’- Cyrus Broacha, has dabbled in television anchoring, theatre, comedy, writing, but his appetite for hosting live events is forever increasing and insatiable. For an event emcee ‘delivery’ is key. Some work hard for years to perfect the art, for some it comes naturally. And if there is someone who we can vouch for, it is definitely Cyrus. See how he scores on ‘spontaneity’ in our rapid fire round of 15 questions…

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