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Future of FinTech in a Post Pandemic World

The upsurge of e-payments & Digital Lending during COVID-19, alongside the role of technology in driving contactless financial transactions in the country.

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Exhibitions India Group stands committed to building world-class and safe platforms for all stakeholders on Global Exhibitions Day

Approximately 32,000 exhibitions take place annually across the globe and 3.2 million jobs are supported, directly and indirectly, by exhibitions.

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Exhibitions India to sponsor SunPedal Ride, a solar road cycling initiative

Exhibitions India Group, organiser of international exhibitions and conferences, has partnered with SunPedal Ride in an effort to promote awareness for sustainable solar energy in communities throughout the country.

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Exhibitions India to attract 400 exhibitors from 40 countries for 'One Mega Event'

Bringing five expos - Buildings India 2017 expo, Solar India 2017 expo, Transport India 2017 expo, Smart Cities India 2017 expo and Water India 2017 expo - under one roof, the vision of One Mega Event, hosted by the Exhibitions India Group, is to help develop attractive and safe cities that evoke pride and a sense of belonging among citizens.

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