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Saudi Arabia to become one stop destination for events in the Middle East by 2020

Saudi Arabia is the region’s largest untapped market in terms of events and entertainment.

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Events Industry to reach $2,330 billion globally by 2026

Increase in number of sponsors, widened reach among youth, and surge in interest in entrepreneurship among youth is driving the growth of the market.

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EEMAGINE 2019: Disruption through technology is the way forward, says Sabbas Joseph

Joseph, Founder-Director at Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., says disruption is the new norm and it is consistent

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Do Not Treat The Stage Like A Ramp Walk, Treat It Like The Workplace You Worship: Kavea R Chavali

Known for her unmatched stagecraft when it comes to hosting events, Kavea R Chavali spoke to EE about her love for Live events and more.

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