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Is Experiential Marketing the best response to Ad-Blockers?

Use of ad-blockers has forced marketers to look at other forms of marketing techniques that are effective, immersive and yet unintrusive.

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Events –The ultimate tool for marketers: Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome Entertainment

Events serve as an easy way for brand managers to enable their communication to break free of the clutter that plagues most other forms of marketing writes Mazhar Nadiadwala.

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5 strategies for marketing a successful event

Event marketers have a definitive start and endpoint which makes it easier to use resources of data and technology in quantifying success of an event.

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Castrol bets big on live events in today's attention deficit marketplace

In an exclusive interview with EE, Kedar Apte, VP Marketing, Castrol spoke about the 100 year old lubricant brand, its brand communication, web-series 'Girl in the City', its digital marketing startegies and more.

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