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Digital Jalebi curated large scale virtual exhibition India-International Jewellery Show (IIJS) Virtual 2020

National & International buyers from across the world came together on the B2B virtual business platform-IIJS Virtual 2020.

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Digital Jalebi created 3D Avatars of the students for IIT-Guwahati's 22nd Convocation

Digital Jalebi has been in the experiential business for eight years now, and have been doing some exceptional work in the field of virtual reality.

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Digital Jalebi forays into the space of No-touch Activations to bring back life in the Physical Event

With No-Touch Activations, Digital Jalebi is trying to refine the interactions in a way that everything is already taken care of, for both brands and their customers who are experiencing the activation.

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Change in consumer behaviour and shift of trends in the events industry: Fawaz Syed

The work from home culture had led to a behavioural change that may outlast the pandemic writes Fawaz Syed, Co-founder, Digital Jalebi.

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Role of virtual events in the ever evolving events industry: Fawaz Syed

The future of the events industry lies in virtual events; Such events can be as impactful as real-life ones and are less expensive to create writes Fawaz Syed, Director and Co-founder, Digital Jalebi.

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