Article on May 30, 2018

Percept ICE manages a first of its kind ‘Grand Rummy Championship’ in India

Hosted by, the contested event saw 204 Rummy Champions participate for the coveted championship title with a prize pool of Rs. 70 lakh.

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Why artists and entertainers need to re-imagine using technology in the millennial dominated world--Shamik Talukder, escapex

Its time celebrities / entertainers move from rented condos to their own private mansions and own their content, their followers and their universe with the use of technology, writes Shamik Talukder, Chief Business Officer at escapex.

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We are not just a festival, we are a feeling – say the Initiators of the Be Good Tribe.

In an interview with EE, Poonam Lal and Nitin Khobe, Initiators, Be Good Tribe spoke about the inspiration behind this unique festival and how they plan to transform it into a mass movement.

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