Article on May 21, 2019

Renaissance Hotels unveil their latest campaign- “Discover This Way”

From visits to Malihabad, the mango capital of India to exploring the Amul manufacturing plant, Renaissance Hotels will lead guests to unexpected discoveries.

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Sukrit Singh steps down as CEO of Geometry Encompass

Encompass was founded by Roshan Abbas and Sukrit Singh in 1998.

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Societe Generale is supporting rugby based movie ‘Jungle Cry’

Societe Generale, supporting rugby since 1987, is partnering with Rugby India since 2016 to harnesses talent from the grassroots and build strong national teams by taking them to their highest international level.

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Nurturing an enterprise with society at the fulcrum of operations: Ravi Kailas, Founder and Chairman, Mytrah Energy

Radical changes are never easy to implement - but as an entrepreneur, I had learned that transition and transformation are always the most difficult and most rewarding periods of one’s existence, writes Kailas.

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Love Truth Bombs: Five 1-act plays on "Ordinary" love

Watch these 5 stories unfold before you over starters and drinks at the fabulous Unó Mas, BKC for an evening of Tapas, Sangriá and Truth Bombs, of course.

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Prashant Godbole’s Samsara showcases art created from reclaimed materials

The series ranges from thought-provoking conceptual art to pieces created from reclaimed materials.

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