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Husband-wife duo paint surreal picture of a corporate retreat

‘With stars in our eyes!’ the meaning of this statement is not metaphoric any longer. Visiting places like Finland, Iceland and Norway will make it a reality for you. Today, the way corporates work has changed over the course of the last few years. With the advent of young entrepreneurs the entire system has seen an overhaul. If they like to put in those extra hours at work they also expect to do something spectacular in their leisure time thereby striking the perfect work-life balance. Partners at The Villa Escape and in life, Suchna and Yogi shah, paint a pretty picture.

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Hyatt Gurgaon to host 'mock mehendi' + 5 reasons to host a wedding here!

Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is organizing a mock mehendi ceremony on 24th September 2016 to extend the experience to would be brides and grooms and event planners. Replete with colourful bangles, bright colours, wedding songs, yellow marigold, temple copper and delicacies, the mock ceremony is scheduled from 3:30pm at the hotel poolside.

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A firsthand account of my tryst with the wedding fraternity

Through my various years of doing the balancing act for families as their wedding planner, I have come to believe that we play an eminent role for two people who begin the most important journey in their lives and put their trust in us to make it memorable. I have affirmed my faith in a few more things as a result of my recent trysts with my peers from the fraternity...

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Pomp & Show- Two central characters at 5th Wedding Fraternity Meet 2016

If love is a many splendored thing then the best validation of this statement would have to be a wedding. While we’ve all experienced the incredible energy of an Indian wedding, imagine the transcendental energy in a room full of wedding orchestrators! Thanks to Ferns and Petals the wedding community has the opportunity to experience this once each year at the Wedding Fraternity Meet.

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Jack Daniel’s celebrates 150th anniversary in Mumbai with ‘Barrel Hunt’

Jack Daniel’s today announced that Mumbai is one of the 150 cities chosen for the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt, a global scavenger hunt that will unite Friends of Jack across the world. To be held on August 20 in the city, the barrel hunt celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel distillery.

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In the business of weddings? ICWF offers the crash-course you NEED

Indians love weddings. With a whopping 2 billion populace it’s sort of intuitive that they would. Speak to any average-Joe affluent Indian about his view on weddings and two things will become amply clear- getting married is as essential as maintaining ownership of his left kidney and the wedding day demands only the ultimate demonstration of his love, invariably by throwing an extravagant party for almost everyone he or his family has ever known, because in our country larger-than-life is widely interpreted as married-for-life. Now while some may defy in outrage, the hard facts remain. The business of weddings in India is a sizeable one.

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