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46% Single Indians looking For Committed, Serious Relationship: Bumble Survey

Emotional connection and kindness are now top priorities in dating post the second wave 9 in 10 single Indians surveyed claim a meaningful rise in positive dating behaviors in 2021

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Closed Maharastra Theatres Restricting Overall Box Office Collections Of Bollywood Movies

Releasing their film with Maharashtra which is one of the largest territories when it comes to Hindi films, is giving a tough time to producers as well.

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Event Industry Faces Difficulties As Maharashtra Govt Prohibits Any Kind Of Gathering

As the industry is dealing with constant restrictions, there are a lot of people who are adopting different ways to survive and sustain themselves financially. Abbas said, “The industry is going back to freelance and boutique operation models with most big agencies taking salary cuts and shutting offices down. We know of multiple agencies shutting down. If something is not done soon we will face irreparable damage.”

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COVID-19 Pandemic, Indian Wedding Industry, And Hope To Bounce Back

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to ‘intimate weddings’ where families can invite-only 40-50 people, depending on local authorities’ guidelines. However, considering the nature of this deadly ongoing pandemic, intimate weddings can emerge as a trend, as far as upcoming weddings are concerned.

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New Jammu And Kashmir Film Policy Means Business And Opportunities For The Region

With this policy, the state government is aiming for the overall growth of the J-K film Industry and has made up the Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Council. Apart from this, the government is going to revive the closed cinema halls, upgrade the already existing theatres, encourage multiplexes and cinema halls, marketing of famous destinations, organising festivals, preservation of JKFilms, etc.

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Major Brands That Are Taking Part In F2F Sourcing Trade Show

The two-week digital trade event for apparel, fabric and yarn exhibitors is expected to give unlimited networking and business opportunities for global visitors for sourcing their textile-apparel-fashion needs.

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