X- Factor: Do star-studded events get you more bang for the buck?


Everyone wishes to catch a glimpse of a well-known face that they have only seen on television; hence many people are willing to stand in long queues, wait for hours and even pay hefty entry charges at events where they could rub shoulders with their favorite celebs. But only the organizers know the hassles of managing celebrities at events. From their never ending demands to last minute cancellations and from charging obnoxiously sometimes to performing badly in need of the hour.

EE investigates whether hiring stars to glamorize an event is good thinking or not. Experts comment-

Hariom Jatiya of Excellency Time Entertainment Pvt Ltd says- “Celebrities are definitely the center point of attraction in our country and are large crowd pullers”. Having worked with the likes of A. R Rahman, Kailash Kher, Arijit Singh, Arjun Rampal and Manish Malhotra, Hariom Jatiya states calling big celebrities for events during his initial days in the industry was not easy but with more years in the business he has understood that the crowd demands the presence of celebs and it is in fact the most effective way to keep the audience engaged during an event. “People want to see them and if they bring in good crowd it helps us recover the return on investment easily”- Hariom Jatiya adds.

Humayoon Zaidi, CEO at Event Network comments-“Celebrities today come in all budgets and now it’s much more convenient to call them up as per the demand of the event.” The experience of having celebs at events is good as in increases the face value of the event for the agency concerned but many a times the initiative by the organizer to make the event successful also backfires. “Most experiences with celebrities are good but sometimes they charge ridiculously high prices for events which simply cannot be accepted. Most big singers today are not value for money however the young league of Bollywood actors are humble and easier to work with. Given a choice I would always go for a talented performer over a famous one for my events”- completes Humayoon.

When asked upon the same question Samit Garg, Owner, E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd says- “Having a celebrity face at par with the scale and genre of the event always helps us. As in for a book launch or at a charity dinner, keeping the audience engaged is fairly difficult and having a celebrity makes it easier.” However, when asked about the challenges of celebrity management at weddings Samit responds- “It is always a problem but apparently these are the perils of the event industry all together but as long as the celebrities are pulling in people to the events, their presence is in our best interest.”

Hariom Jatiya concluded -“There are times when calling a celebrity backfires. Personally I don’t like a few of them, I always feel new and young talent should be promoted at events as they behave more professionally but when the crowd demands big names you need to serve the people what they want. No matter what the drawbacks are, they do register higher footfalls and hence their presence in events is always beneficial.”

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