Would you choose a social celebration over a meaningful one?

Guess in a year, how many days do we set aside for celebration? No I am not referring to the obvious - Eid or Diwali or Christmas. I am talking about the countless days we unknowingly celebrate. Yes I mean World Environment Day, Happy Father’s Day, International Yoga Day or International Day against Drug Abuse. I can list down all 143 such days that the United Nations has declared. I can also list down another 218 days that recognizes. I stopped searching when I was enlightened with that there are 121 days of celebration only in the month of June.


A Day of Celebration

Certainly, as an average Indian few of you must have either heard of or even celebrated the more days of celebration. I further analyzed and categorized these numerous ‘Days’ in two broader types– ‘Solo Day & Social Day’. Impact of any Solo day has profusely influenced an individual for example, Father’s day. Social Days are certainly called to bring a community or nationwide impact like the recent Yoga day.

But here I would like to ask a simple question, ‘Why do we have some many days and why we celebrate only a select few?’ Think for a moment.

No Reason for Celebration

I understand if United Nations is observing a day with a purpose to celebrate, promote and mobilize preventive action, but what is the purpose of ‘Social Media Day’ (30th Jun each year) when an average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime. So how best to celebrate Social Media Day? The answer is simple! Let your friends know and spread the knowledge. Start a hashtag, upload a photo, and update your status. You certainly won’t be alone as social media is a wildfire all over the world. Whatever you do, wherever you are, don’t forget to celebrate #socialmediaday!  

These sorts of days are in abundance leading to sheer waste of time and energy, don’t forget the whole week before Valentine Day. I am not against the theory behind the day, but unknowing we all fall prey to a well lead marketing strategy in this age of consumerism. I fail to understand we actually need a day for our mother’s and father’s to thank them for a child’s upbringing. We need a Woman’s Day to make her realize her worth? Thinking deeply we only create a market by coming together for celebrations for any such ‘Solo Days’. We celebrate it to make our loved ones happy and there is no other reason - Emotions.

Find a Reason 

We act very differently when it comes to any ‘Social Day’, the same you and I suffer through – Diffusion of Responsibility. We confront to our self-belief, that there are few good men who are making the difference on ‘Earth Day or Tiger Day or Environment Day’ and changing things on ground. Ironically, we understand these days are to spread awareness and more importantly action on ground. Many will debate here, ‘I contributed by spreading awareness through FB Post & Tweet’ - that’s the best we can do. Our behavior towards any social cause is in stark contrast to our attitude, courtesy digital age. We are paralyzed to think and act beyond 140 characters. We fail to understand any action in the virtual world will not make an iota of difference to the real world. I have started to theorize that it will take some more time for man to realize that the biggest invention of 20th century will be the greatest evil of 21st century -The Internet.

Somewhere in our hearts we weigh ‘Social Day’ much lower as compared to any ‘Solo Day’, may be because we all are waiting it to be categorized as an emergency. Actually the sheer value of any Social Day can’t find its way from our mind to heart, therefore we find it difficult to connect our emotions. I am sure your father’s chest will swell with pride if you actually bring some change on ‘World Toilet Day’ rather than cutting a Belgian chocolate cake for him on Father’s Day. Public Toilets – “that’s not my job, government will do it. I have no time and energy” and so we all leave it to political will and some handful of social workers.

Ask yourself, what you did on International Day of Forests and how you celebrated it? And how you celebrated Valentine Day? Shouldn’t we celebrate both with equal enthusiasm and spirit, but many of us are ignorant. Here are quick three points which will help you to find what can be done and how. Just select any one Social Day.

Three Point Decision 

We may be a developing nation and our needs wants and desires are still looking out an answer for me and my family, social belonging takes a back seat and especially when we are surrounded by infinite social issues.

From bad roads to farmers suicides to malnutrition to saving a girl child to polluted rivers and endless. However, let’s start from somewhere. I am not asking to be a great philanthropist, just an ‘Act of Good’.

From where to start? This might bring some action in real world -

  • Defining a Social Emergency – Select any one Social Day which you feel has reached an ‘Emergency’ level.
  • Taking Responsibility – Join a social group or a NGO and volunteer on weekends or once in a month.  
  • Taking Action – Spread the positive word mouth and influence others to join the act of good.

A day is honored only to recall and summarize yearlong efforts and not just a day long doing. No Noble Prize was assigned for a post, feed or tweet, it was and it will be always measured with admiration to the action and change on ground. Feelings are a prerequisite to mobilize actions, rationale defies the very existence in the name. Celebrate one day from your heart, mind, body & soul. I just found mine.  

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