Without women leaders the event industry is incomplete: Aarti Mattoo

Aarti Mattoo, Managing Director, Momentum Experiences & Events LLP spoke about election manifesto, women representation in EEMA elections and more.


Aarti Mattoo, Managing Director, Momentum Experiences & Events LLP is a significantly active member of EEMA. She brings with her a wealth of experience and understanding of the wedding industry and experiential marketing. 

Matto will be contesting election for the post of Vice President (West).

We spoke to her about her election manifesto, women representation in EEMA elections and more.


What is your election manifesto?

Every Election is a hope for growth & development. But this is a critical year for all of us at EEMA & everyone in the entire experiential industry, from a standpoint of Covid push back on economy. My Election Manifesto, first and foremost has measures we take collectively for revival at multiple levels including Government, EEMA Members & multiple stakeholders of our Ecosystem. Besides, I intend to work for best practices & hygiene of the industry in order to pave way for togetherness & mutual benefits. Focussed steps for young employees & large number of freelancers in the industry are also a part of the plan to ensure they don’t lose hope and stay motivated. Once elected, I will also have a responsibility to align my manifesto with that of the elected president so that all regions move towards common industry goals and are unified in direction. Moreover, we are now, all the more focussed on keeping the entire industry together to ensure no one suffers alone.

Why do we witness participation of only a few women leaders? Does it show that the industry is male-dominated?

There are many women in our industry working at multiple levels not just in forefront but also in supply chains. No, this is not a male-dominated industry. We have normal progressive men here who don’t think that way; neither do they promote such philosophies. There may not be enough Women entrepreneurs yet, but those who are in this industry know and vouch that without women this industry is incomplete.

What are your expectations from the new EEMA leadership?

Irrespective of who is elected, all our contestants are true blood promoters of larger good of the industry. It would have been a major challenge had there not been enough show of hands as contestants. My belief is our new leadership will act with the maturity that current times need. They will do enough & more in their individual & collective capacity to ensure we stick together as one piece and focus on collective good of the industry at large. Mutually beneficial Collaborations (big or small, internal or external) are on everyone’s mind already and each candidate has included it his/her manifesto for larger good of our Members.

Do you support reservation for women in EEMA elections?

No, I don’t. I never will. Position and designations should be as per the calibre. I think reservations for any sect take up the space of those deserving, which is not fair for any industry. Being a woman, I have no doubt on women’s capability. If, anything we need a positive & encouraging atmosphere to have more women involved in this field.

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