Why high budgeted events cannot guarantee success for marketers


As the brand marketers in the country are beginning to realize the importance of creating consumer experiences, the battle of coming out with the best experiential marketing campaign is getting more interesting with every passing day. In almost every month and every season of the year, marketers want to constantly engage consumers through capitalizing on festivals and traditions and they don’t mind shelling out a little extra marketing budget for the same as long as the prime objective to gain brand popularity is met.

It is indeed true that today marketers are willing to invest lavishly on experiential marketing campaigns for their brands as they feel with a larger budget at hand not only the reach of the overall campaign is enhanced but it also gives the agencies a chance to deliver bang on value in terms of execution. Looking around the event industry today one can easily see brands creating elaborate national wide experiential campaigns in form of IP’s, associations or traditional events to target mass audiences at one time. But is a high budgeted campaign the only element that can guarantee the success for an experiential campaign for brands today? Well the answer is not one expects it to be.

IPL is without a doubt, one of the most celebrated sporting extravaganzas for India as the country breathes Cricket. However, in the most recent times openly visible is the interest shift in people who have perhaps started to also enjoy other sporting events such as the India Super League and Pro Kabbadi League. Though none of the other sporting leagues are anywhere close to the amount of money pumped in to IPL every year however in terms of increasing viewer interest and acceptability they can be expected to outgrow IPL in the next few editions and are bound to also take over in terms of overall success.

Another magnanimity closely related with the IPL is its opening and closing ceremony which is supposed to be India’s answer to the likes of FIFA. However, the high on star value, IPL 8 opening ceremony is clear example of why even a tremendous amount of investment and star value cannot save a sinking ship. Clearly the role of impactful execution is crucial for an event and its importance cannot be overlooked.

Following the footsteps of other brands in the country Vodafone too joined the bandwagon of coming up with a youth festival to engage the audiences of Delhi and NCR. The event which was high on investment in terms of arrangement ranging from the best of stars highlighting the finale to an array of prizes to be won. However with the main ingredient of the festival i.e. The Youth nowhere to be seen, the entire festival by the most successful experiential brand in the country ended up being a dud.

Brand marketers and experiential campaign designers should realize that they cannot allow their hunger for a massive crowd reach drive an experiential campaign for them. Though they can invest a magnificent chunk of their marketing budget to create a unique brand name and experiences for their potential consumers, they cannot control the outcome and acceptance of such campaigns as with an increased budget also increased are problems and intricacies during the execution of campaign. Sometime the venue is unprepared for the massive crowd presence and sometimes an untimely weather dampens the plans.

An example of the same still in the memory of every music lover is the Metallica cancellation a few years back. Though money is an important parameter to guide the overall direction of campaign today brands marketers should understand that it is always better to go out with well planned and executed experiential campaign rather than biting a piece of cake more than they can chew. Even an IP like Sunburn decided to have its local versions for select cities one of the primary reasons for it being that it cannot serve the entire country in one event itself.

Thus it is always important for a brand to look at the overall value, scope and the impact that an experiential campaign has the worth of creating before they put in a copious amount of investment in it to make it successful. Initiatives likes Skorefashionista, DaldaMeriMaaSabkiMaa campaign, Vodafone love is in the air activity, Ferrero Rochers giant installation, Samsung activations, ASUS ZenPhone launch are examples of some of the most innovative experiences created by brands for people, successfully proving that high budgeted events do not guarantee success for brand marketers.

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