Why Paperboat and its marketing strategy dwells on nostalgia


The beverage brand Paperboat has always been known to have developed its own unique style, when it comes to the strategies they use to market its products. From ads depicting the earthiness of the summers we spent as kids, to the most recent ‘Hope floats’ experiential CSR campaign that is drenched in nostalgia.

It is without a doubt an established fact that the brand loves throwback into the memories of the past and also thrives on the same to sell its products. But at a time when its competing beverage brands are using means of technological advancements and experiential initiatives with Bollywood superstars to better market itself it makes one stand and wonder why is Paperboat still hung up on nostalgia?

ParveshDebuka, Head Marketing, Paperboat answers this question by saying, “Our marketing strategies are only a reflection of the product that we are selling. If you look at our products be it flavors of AamPanna or Jamunkaras or even others; you will realize that these are the flavors that were accessible to you only at your homes.

Also as per the societal shift which has occurred in the last 15 years, wherein people who are looking for opportunities have to move out from their homes and come to metro cities, have completely lost touch with their childhood memories and the flavors. Paperboat as a product offers you the same flavors that are bound to remind you of your childhood memories, the past and your homes and hence are marketing strategies of the brand are bent that ways.”

So is nostalgia the sole driving force behind Paper boat’s marketing strategies? To this ParveshDebuka replies by saying, “Contrary to other popular brands today, Paper boat started its marketing through experiential. This is the first year we have gone the ATL way but before this year our marketing initiatives were limited to making our prospective customers experience our products first and then on the basis of the reactions that we received we tweaked our marketing efforts accordingly. Our customers felt the product reminded them of their childhood and homes and hence we have marketed our products accordingly. But if tomorrow an X number of consumers come to us and say that the product also gives them a different experience now we are ready to change our marketing strategies accordingly.”

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