What makes the most expensive meal in the world so expensive?


‘From now on, we will be seasoning our dishes with excitement,’ says Paco Roncero, a double Michelin Star winning chef. Here he is talking about the most pleasurable gastronomical experience money can afford. And by ‘afford’ we mean the most expensive meal in the world - $2000 per person.

What in the world warrants such a hefty sum? 

Well to begin with, Mr. Roncero is regarded as one of the world’s best chefs. He has two Michelin Stars, three Repsol Suns and the National Gastronomy Award (which he won in 2006) to his name. Next, Sublimotion, his creation, has to be hailed as avant-garde, even revolutionary.

What is Sublimotion? 

Sublimotion stems from the simple concept that what you cook doesn’t end on the plate. It transcends mere taste and extends to the other senses. A mix of culinary brilliance and technological innovation helps Roncero achieve that.

Guests are invited into his ‘workshop’ to participate in this experience. The workshop is an aesthetically built room featuring a projection mapped dining table. It also features light installations and fog machines. The entire area is controlled through computers configured to do the chef’s bidding. He controls the guest’s experience.

What experience? 

Each time a guest tries one of the courses (and there are twenty of them in all) Roncero recreates an experience complimentary to its taste. Through technology, he carefully transforms the environment to create a multisensory experience. So if you feel a sensation in the mouth, it is mirrored perfectly by the ambience around you. You are a wayfaring man discovering the world through food.

So is the most expensive meal in the world also the greatest? 

Seems like it. If you wish to know more, Paco is chef at Sublimotion, which is all set to open this May in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Spain. The workshop serves only 12 people a day and frankly at $2000 a sitting, we almost think it’s a steal. The innovation is truly personalized and one of its kind. So go ahead and book a table for two.

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