Wedding in UP called off over argument about PM Modi

While the bride held PM Modi responsible for India's economic slowdown, the groom disagreed.


Marriages are said to made in heaven but sometimes all hell can break lose over unexpected reasons that end up breaking this bond even before it’s formed. Not long ago a woman changed her mind about tying the knot with a guy who thought doing the nagin dance at his wedding would be cool, and it’s just one among many such incidents.

In an unfortunate turn of events in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a government employee and her to be husband decided to cancel plans of marriage just because they had disagreement over PM Narendra Modi. Canceling a wedding over the reason seems to be taking things too far. 

During a meet at a temple, while deciding how to split wedding expenses, the discussion digressed to India's present economic condition. The bride-to-be, who is a government employee, held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for India's poor economic condition. The groom-to-be, a businessman turned out to be a Modi supporter and disagreed with her.

The argument turned into a heated discussion and subsequently a fight that led both of them to call off the wedding.

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