We’ve gone back to basics in order to reinvent- Nikhil Chaturvedi, MD, Provogue


After going through a few tough times in the past few years, the retail chain that became famous with the ‘polisenic’ fabric (a soft fabric) revamped itself and tightened its reigns in 2013. Launching itself in the FMCG market with a deodorant and soon-to-be-launched other products, Provogue has emerged to be a winner. Nikhil Chaturvedi, MD, Provogue, spills it all in an exclusive with EE.

“The market and consumers have evolved and we recognise the need to reinvent ourselves and reconnect with our target customer. A highly focused and aggressive transformation process was undertaken,” Nikhil says. Provogue is no stranger to experiential as it realized that in order to touch base with its customers and build a connect, it had to go on-ground to build the base. “Our on-ground activities depend on market to market that determine the different types of events that we execute to connect with the consumer. Like for eg, in Bombay we sponsored the Race Bay, Fashion Fridays, etc. We are now looking towards other cities – tier-2, tier-3 to connect with that consumer base,” says Nikhil.

Nikhil realized the importance of experiential and the fact that it is the need for all customers. Provogue carried out a big market survey trying to understand what the customer liked about the brand and how they associated with it. The result? They realized that people connected with Provogue’s Fardeen Khan campaign in a very large way. “And the second connect that was really strong was the way people correlated us with on-ground activities,” says Nikhil.

Provogue held a fashion show at the Gateway of India where it showcased only male models and invited female guests. On the other hand they have also partnered with Salim Suleman and collaborated with international artists like Enrique Iglesias to come up with a new kind of music that Salim Suleman will play at nightclubs in Mumbai. “We have realized the great connect that the youth has with the edm music. And we wanted to tap that. This is the reason we also collaborated with Sunburn,” says Nikhil. He says that the youth of India is changing the way it parties and to build a connect with them, Provogue needs to match the pace and be where the youth is.

Social media is also in Provogue’s radar. “We have been very active on social media. It is not a 360 degree platform, it can always work well and drive a brand if it is worked with other forms of marketing. That’s a lesson everyone needs to learn. But, however, we need to know that social cannot be ignored. For a brand to be out there and live, it needs to go digital and in every platform,” finishes Nikhil.

Provogue has a lot in store for the future as it goes back to basics, as claimed by Nikhil. “We are really excited as we have a lot in store this year. We have changed the way we communicate and Provogue is brand new and revamped. It’s a very exciting phase for us. You will see a lot of collaborations and more on-ground activities as we look to sponsor events that bring us value. Those are the kind of events we are looking to sponsor and partner with. If you bring that to the table, we will put the money,” reveals Nikhil.

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